Frequently Asked Questions

• Do Party pills contain harmful substances affecting health adversely?

The ingredients of Party Pills are carefully chosen and do contain only permitted natural and artificial additives which are not harmful to health in anyway.

• Are Party Pills legal?

Yes, Party Pills are legal that it complies with the rules of your respective jurisdiction.

• How best can Party Pills be delivered globally?

Party pills will be delivered according to the order received which will be shipped within 6-12 days via express airmail from New Zealand.

• How much will be the charges levied against shipment?

A flat rate of $14.95 will be charged against the shipment charges. However, for orders over a rate of $100, shipment charges will be waived off.

• How fast will a customer be serviced, if he is a resident of New Zealand?

New Zealand customers will receive their package one day night post booking.

• What are the precautions to be taken before ordering party Pills?

Party Pills are on normal cases lozenges without any sort of side effects. However, if you experience a feeling of light headedness, pounding centre, nausea, or any of the sorts of complications, it is recommended to kindly discontinue the use. Further, Party Pills are not recommended for people who are hyper-sensitive to Caffeinated drinks, pregnant or lactating women, those suffering any serious health issues, or those on medication.

• What are the recommended dosage and other regulations to follow on consuming Party Pills?

More than 1 lozenge is not advisable for first time users. However, Party Pills are not recommended to use with any kind of beverage or any kind of medicine.

• What is the age restriction to use Party Pills?

Anyone above the age of 18 is legally eligible to use Party Pills across the globe.

• Do Party Pills offer a guarantee?

Party Pills are guaranteed bottles of lozenges when we offer a 60 day promise of 100% money back guarantee against unopened bottles of a pack including 1 opened bottle.

• What are the various mode of making payment?

Our valuable customers are suggested to make their payment via Credit card, Bank transfer, or WU according to their convenience.